Abigail Abrams
Tina-Cohen-Chang 300
Vital statistics
Full Name Abigail Chelsea Abrams
Gender Female
Birthday August 10,2023
Residence Lima,Ohio
Nationality Asian-American
Family Tina Cohen-Chang(mother)

Artie Abrams(father)

Relationships None
Friends Emily(best friend)


Enemies None
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black-Brown
Height 5'3
Other Information
Sexuality Straight
Education William McKinley High School
Strengths Singing



Weaknesses Dancing

Making friends

Vulnerabilities Singing
Nicknames Goth Girl


Occupations Student
Portrayer Jenna Ushkowitz
Abigail Abrams is the daughter of Tina Cohen-Chang and Artie Abrams.She's very shy and her only friend's Emily and Lindsay.

Early Life

Abigail was always picked on when she was little for being "different" so she started dressing more strangely and never opened up.She made a vow that she would never change for anybody even her friends or family.Her parents enrolled her in singing lessons because they wanted her to feel the same way they felt about singing and Abigail loved it.She finally found a way to express how she feels without being judged.

Current Life

She's still the same person,but now she's even more lonely than ever.Her mom and dad sold their house to her and left her with nobody,but her cat named Mittens.The only time she feels good is when performing with nobody,but herself and the stage.


Abby only wears clothing that's usually in dark colors like dark blue,black,or purple with hairstreaks in various colors.Her clothing choice is always spontaneous and crazy.


Her personality's very shy and quiet,but opens up to her friends.She loses her stage fright when she's performing by herself.


She can sing and act,but is a terrible dancer.Abigail's not the worst dancer out of ND,but she's not the best either.She can play the piano like her mom.


  • Loves singing
  • Can play the piano
  • Has a cat named Mittens
  • Is a bad dancer