Adam Creek
Vital statistics
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Birthday 2024 May 4th
Residence Lima, Ohio
Nationality American
Family N/A
Relationships Lindsay St. James
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A
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Education Dalton Academy
Strengths N/A
Weaknesses N/A
Vulnerabilities N/A
Nicknames Ace
Sweetie (only by Lindsay, although, this irritates him)
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Portrayer Jonathan Groff

Adam Ezekiel Creek (b. May 4th 2024) is son of Mr. and Mrs. Creek a executive music producer and world renown fashion designer, was born into a wealthy family. He met Lindsay St. James over his sophomore summer. He is following the footsteps of both his mother and father. He currently attends Dalton Academy.

Early LifeEdit

Freshmen YearEdit

Current LifeEdit


He is 5"9, has brown hair, and blue eyes. Often seen in his Dalton Academy Uniform.



Lindsay St. JamesEdit

Lindsay and Adam met during the summer, at the airport. Although they go to separate schools (he being a Dalton Academy Student, she being a William McKinley Student), they maintain a good relationship, and see each other every weekend, and, she frequently drives to Dalton to visit.