Arthur Mitchell
Arthur Mitchell
Vital statistics
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Birthday Nov. 4, 2024
Residence Lima, Ohio
Nationality American
Family Cameron Mitchell (Father)
Relationships None
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Education William McKinley High School
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Nicknames Ar
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Portrayer Cameron Mitchell
Arthur is the son of Cameron Mitchell. He is living in Lima, Ohio with him, and is a sophmore.

Freshman YearEdit

Arthur was the average student, freshman year. Smart, social outcast. He never was a social outcast, just ignored by lots of people. He is very much talented. Also, he is a TERRIBLE dancer. It's actually funny how he dances, however.

Sophmore YearEdit

Arthur is currently in his sophmore year. He is a dedicated person, but he is laid back. He now has some friends that he can connect with. Also, he is becoming more creative with art and songs, and he is a good artist. Arthur is good mannered, and chilvarious.

Current LifeEdit

Arthur is now a sophmore in William McKinely High School. He is single, but he searching for the right girl for him. He is very upbeat and kind. Arthur is a straight A student there.


Arthur can play the piano and the guitar, and that's about it. He cannot dance, and he's proud. Arthur sings, and he's a tenor. Arthur is very nerdy, and tends to be a little scientifical with certain things. He is currently learning the instruments in an orchestra, and flute, and clarinet.


He has scraggly hair and usually wears plaid shirts with a T-shirt underneath. He is a TOTAL geek, and likes to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. Arthur is also usually wearing Vans, probably dark colored ones.


He is chilvarous, but is often mistaken for trying to flirt with girls. He is kind, but has an intense fear of insects and spiders. If Arthur is close to it by an inch, he will literally trample it. Even is his fear is quite intense, he can still pull himself together. Also, Arthur is a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. He has this bad habit of REALLY getting into a story, and he usually buys a lot of related things about it, but Arthur is totally obssessed.


  • He is a sophmore
  • He is single