Emily St. James
Vital statistics
Full Name Emily St. James
Gender Female
Birthday May 13, 2025
Residence Lima, Ohio
Nationality American-Jewish
Family Jesse St. James (father)
Rachel St. James nee Berry (mother)
Lindsay St. James (Sister)
Relationships Jack McGinty (Current boyfriend)
Friends Abigail Abrams (Best friend)
Jack McGinty
Alex Simpson
Enemies Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark brown
Height 5"4
Other Information
Sexuality Straight
Education William McKinley High School
Strengths Singing
Weaknesses Dancing
Vulnerabilities Heartbreaks
Nicknames Em
Emmy (By Alex)
Occupations Student
Portrayer Selena Gomez

Emily St. James is the daughter of Jesse and Rachel. She's the younger sister of Lindsay and she currently lives with her in Lima, Ohio. She's in her freshman year.

Early Life

Emily was born in Manhattan, New York. She started taking singing and dancing lessons at the age of 4 and she won her first singing competition at the age of 5. She always thought of Lindsay as her role model, although a lot of times she felt jealous of her talent. She's jewish, just like her mother and her sister.She never was too close to her parents. At the age of 14 when she had a fight with them she decided to move out with Lindsay.

Current Life

Currently she's 15 years old and she's attending her freshman year on William McKinley High School. She lives in Lima, Ohio with her older sister Lindsay. She's currently dating Jack McGinty.


Emily is 5"4 and 103lbs . She has brown eyes and long dark brown hair that is, the most of times, messy. She usually wears jeans and shirts.


She is a happy, nice and friendly person. She's really peaceful so she tries to stay away from problems the most of times. Sometimes she's a little stubborn. When she is really angry she acts in a bitchy way.


Her biggest talents are singing, performing and acting.


  • Her favorite singers are Adele and Michael Bublé.
  • She doesn't like Broadway. The only play she has ever liked was Wicked.
  • She likes to rap.
  • She plays guitar and piano.