Jack McGinty
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Birthday 2024
Residence Lima, Ohio
Nationality Irish-American
Family Damian McGinty (father)
Lindsay McGinty nee Pearce (mother)
Gavinn McGinty (brother)
Relationships Emily St. James
Friends Lindsay St. James
Emily St. James
Adam Johnson (best friend)
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
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Other Information
Sexuality Straight
Education Dalton Academy
Strengths Singing, Good Humour, Caring , Dancing.
Weaknesses Getting to class on time.
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Portrayer Damian McGinty

About HimEdit

When he was little he used to have really dark brown hair but when he started growing up his hair got lighter so he now has light brown hair. He has a good sense of humour and can be childish at times but when its time to be serious he can do that too.

His Life Before He Came To Lima, OhioEdit

Jack used to live in Ireland with his family. He used to go to an arts high school there he is a good dancer and has a good sense of humour. His family loved it so much in Lima, Ohio so they decided to move there. He is currently going to Dalton Academy. He has a brother named Gavinn McGinty. He is also currently dating Emily St. James.