Joseph Puckerman
Mark Salling-1
Vital statistics
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Birthday November 11th 2023
Residence Lima, Ohio.
Nationality American Jewish
Family Noah Puckerman (Father)

Quinn Fabray (Mother)

Marissa Puckerman (Sister)

Beth Corcoran (sister)

Relationships None
Friends Lindsay St. James
Enemies None
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Education William McKinley High School
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Weaknesses N/A
Vulnerabilities N/A
Nicknames Joe
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Portrayer Mark Salling

Joseph Matthew Puckerman (B. November 11th 2023) is the eldest child of Noah Puckerman and Quinn Puckerman nee Fabray. He is on the McKinley High Titans, and in Glee Club. He has two sisters, one is Marissa Puckerman who is 2 years younger then him, and a older sister, Beth Corcoran. He is a straight A student because he mostly focuses on his studies and less on his social life.

Early LifeEdit

Joseph was born on November 11th 2023, to Noah and Quinn Puckerman. When he was born neither of his parents wanted to force there religious views on him. They placed two symbols from each of there respective religions on the floor in front of him. Quinn placed a wooden cross, while Noah place a bronze star of David. Noah and Quinn both stood behind Joseph not pointing him in either direction. Joseph then crawled to the religious symbol he chose. That symbol was the Star of David, marking him as Jewish.

Freshmen YearEdit

Sophomore YearEdit

Junior YearEdit