Maria Hudson
Dianna Agron for Maria
Vital statistics
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Birthday September 19,, 2024
Residence Lima, Ohio
Nationality American
Family Finn Hudson (father)
Brittany Hudson nee Peirce (mother)
Relationships Unknown
Friends Payson Evans
Lindsay St. James
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Education William McKinley High School
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Nicknames Maria
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Portrayer Dianna Agron

Maria Hudson is the daughter of Finn Hudson and Brittany Peirce, and lives in Lima, Ohio with her parents. She is a member of New Directions. She is currently single.

Early LifeEdit

Maria grew uo in Hollywood, California with her mother. Her mother, Brittany Peirce, was a famous dancer and fequently traveled from Lima, the family's hometown, to Hollywood. Her father, Finn Hudson, plays football for The University of Ohio. After traveling back and forth, her parents finally decided to settle in Lima. She now lives with both her parents in LIma where she attends Mckinley High