Marissa Puckerman
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Vital statistics
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Birthday 2025
Residence Lima, Ohio
Nationality American-Jewish
Family Noah Puckerman (father)
Quinn Puckerman nee Fabray (mother)
Joseph Puckerman (brother)
Beth Corcoran (sister)
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Education William McKinley High School (formerly)
Caramel High School
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Portrayer Lindsay Pearce
Marissa Puckerman is the sister of Joseph Puckerman and Beth Corcoran. She is a freshman at Caramel high school, and is in Glee Club.

Early Life

Marissa is 2 years younger than her brother, Joseph. She was raised Jewish (due to her brother's desicision on being Jewish) and quite enjoys that life style.

Current Life

Marissa was happy at McKinley, till, she realizies that the New Directions director is a psycho. She quits McKinley and ends up in Caramel, and joins Vocal Adrenaline.


She has long hair, which falls to her shoulders. She has blue eyes (recessive trait), and and light skin.


She is like her father, rebellious and flirtatious. She is sweet, though. Very sweet.


She sings, dances, and acts. A basic triple-threat.


  • Loves sushi.