Maureen Smith
Idina Menzel 24681 Medium
Vital statistics
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Birthday April 23, 2006
Residence Lima, Ohio
Nationality American-Jewish
Family Unknown Parents
Relationships None
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Education Caramel High School (High School Education)
Tisch School of Arts (College)
University of Nevada LasVegas (teacher's degree)
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Nicknames Ms. Smith (by students)
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Portrayer Idina Menzel
Maureen Smith is the new ND Director. She is very strict, but relaxed.

Early Life

Maureen was born to a Jewish family. She lived in countless places (Las Vegas, New York, Ohio, etc.) for education. She was raised strictly, and, was expected to become a teacher by her family. She lived in Ohio for 4 years, attending Caramel High School (and, she was a former Vocal Adrenaline leader and soloist). After that, she went to Tisch School of Arts and studied theatre for 2 years. Then, went to UNLV for a teacher's degree.

Current Life

Maureen teaches Elementary School, and, is teaching New Directions.


Maureen has light skin, long brown hair, and hazel eyes.


Maureen is very strict, yet, somewhat relaxed in some sort of way. She's very nice, but won't tolerate nonsense.


Maureen is an excellent teacher. She's also a very good singer, actress, and dancer.


  • A big fan of Wicked and Rent.