Natalie Puckerman
Vital statistics
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Birthday Decemeber 21 2024
Residence Lima, Ohio.
Nationality American Jewish
Family Noah Puckerman (father)

Quinn Puckerman nee Fabray (mother) Joseph Puckerman (brother)

Marissa Puckerman (Sister)

Beth Corcoran (sister)

Relationships None
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Education William McKinley High School
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Nicknames Nat
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Portrayer Vanessa Lengies

Natalie Elise Puckerman (B. Decemeber 21th 2023) is the middle child of Noah Puckerman and Quinn Puckerman nee Fabray. She is on the McKinley High Cheerio, and in Glee Club. She has two sisters,Marissa and Beth and a brothe Joseph. She considers her Christian unlike her siblings but will never fight with them about Religion. She is not as good of a student as her older brother and hates being compared to him. She enjoys going to parties and having fun.