This is the OC List for OC's from the subject: Glee.


Owned by Maxymax123

  1. Joseph Puckerman
  2. Adam Creek
  3. Gavinn McGinty
  4. William Robertson
  5. Gabriel Walker

Owned by LiveOutLoud

  1. Lindsay St. James
  2. Marissa Puckerman
  3. Maureen Smith

Owned by ILoveGlee

  1. Rosaline Hudson

Owned by FinchelFreak

  1. Abigail Abrams

Owned by FaithfullyFinchelForever

  1. Payson Evans
  2. Maria Hudson

Owned by Im A Klainer

  1. Jack McGinty

Owned by Others

  1. Arthur Mitchell - Owned by LucyQuinnEvans
  2. Emily St. James - Owned by ClinicallyInsanelyCrazy4U


Rachel Berry

Spouse: Jesse St. James

Children: Lindsay St. James and Emily St. James.

Finn Hudson

Spouse: Brittany Pierce

Children: Maria Hudson and Rosaline Hudson.

Quinn Fabray

Spouse: Noah Puckerman

Children: Joseph Puckerman, and Marissa Puckerman.

Artie Abrams

Spouse: Tina Cohen Chang.

Children: Abigail Abrams.

Tina Cohen Chang

Spouse: Artie Abrams

Children: Abigail Abrams.

Noah Puckerman

Spouse: Quinn Fabray

Children: Joseph Puckerman and Marissa Puckerman.

Brittany Pierce

Spouse: Finn Hudson

Children: Maria Hudson and Rosaline Hudson.

Santana Lopez

Spouse: Sam Evans

Children: Payson Evans.

Sam Evans

Spouse: Santana Lopez

Children: Payson Evans.

Jesse St. James

Spouse: Rachel Berry

Children: Lindsay St. James and Emily St. James.

Damian McGinty

Spouse: Lindsay Pearce

Children: Gavinn McGinty

Lindsay Pearce

Spouse: Damian McGinty

Children: Gavinn McGinty.

Cameron Mitchell

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Arthur Mitchell.