This page describes the basics of each RP.

Glee RP

The original Glee takes place during 2010-2012 with each of there characters between the ages of 15-18. The OC's are the second generation of Glee. Now, the current Glee RP takes place 27 years after the third season, making it the year 2039. For each of the OC's to be able to attend high school their births must be in the following years.

  • 2022=Senior Year
  • 2023=Junior Year
  • 2024=Sophomore Year
  • 2025=Freshmen Year

If they weren't born in the following years, they are either in middle school and down, or are adults. Some characters from the previous generation are still around. Example: Figgins, Sue, Will. But they can be replaced at anytime. The maximum amount of children per couple is 3-5 children, depending on the ages of the other children. Most locations from the previous generation are also still around. Example: William McKinley High School, Dalton Academy, etc.

For each Glee OC, they must follow this outline.

Template: Glee OC - Needed

A Brief description of them. - Needed

Early Life- Needed

Freshmen Year-Optional

Sophomore Year-Optional

Junior Year-Optional

Senior Year-Optional

Current Life- Needed

Appearance- Needed

Personality- Needed

Relationships- Optional

Professions- Optional

Talents- Needed

Trivia- Needed

Each of the following would be it's own tab on the page. If not on the OC you will be asked to do so. If you do not it may be done for you provided not much detail is on the page. If page is too developed you must do it. If you do not, the OC will be deleted.

Charmed RP