Rosaline Hudson
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Residence Lima, Ohio
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Family Maria Hudson (sister)

Finn Hudson (father)

Brittany Hudson nee Pierce (mother)

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Portrayer Heather Morris

Rosaline is a very caring girl. She is the daughter of Finn Hudson and Brittany Pierce. She is 16 years old. She is a sophomore in high school. Unlike her parents she is very smart. She is in all honors class. She is on the Cheerios.She is a popular girl. She is straight. She is currently single. Her inspirations are Michael Jackson,Britney Spears,and her mom :). Her nicknames include Rose,Rosa,Line,Lina,and Ro.

Early LifeEdit

Rosaline was born in California.When she was 3 she was intrested in dancing like her mother. So when she was finally old enough(age 7) she was allowed to dance in her mom's studio. Then at age 11 she taught some classes. When she was 12 she found out she had a talent to sing.

Freshman YearEdit

Rosaline went to a high school in California. She was loved there because she was very kind.

Life NowEdit

Rosaline moved from California and now attends McKinley. She is quiet at first. She is not a cheerio yet or popular. She hasn't made any friends. She is going to join Dance Club, She is helping her mom building a new studio in Lima.


She has blonde hair,blue eyes. And a dorky,cute smile.

How She ActsEdit

She's so sweet. She is never mean only when people make her REALLY mad. She sometimes acts like a little girl.She's smart.


  • Unlike her father and mother she is really smart

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  • At a party
  • Modeling
  • Rosaline as a cheerio